Technical conditions

Main technical conditions for the supply of knitted fabrics with elastomers


Avoid abnormal stretching of lamé fabrics not to compromise adhesive power of the foils, regularly tested and approved in lab.
Washing, never over 30°C (86°F), only machine, must be delicate with neutral soap and with apparel reversed. Specialist clean only.
Do not centrifugate. Avoid spin dry. Dry horizontally. Do not dry cleaning. Avoid prolonged soaking since the foils are water based.
Iron at maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C (230°F) on the reverse side interposing a cloth.
For further instructions refer to the main technical supply conditions given at the foot and at our website/technics section.

COMBINATION of colors is not recommended when the values of fastness of washing, water and sea water are lower than 4.5.
Please pay particular attention to the strength values declared in the tables.

SOLVENTS they can be aggressive for the foil applied to fabrics, including those present in the glues of the adhesive labels which are therefore not recommended for use.

SENSITIVITY: to avoid yellowing of the colors, store the fabrics in a dry place, away from heat sources and intense lights.

Glitter normally has a dusting which is an essential characteristic given by its materic nature and by the falling technique used which emphasizes its brilliance, it is therefore not a defect. Dry cleaning has a positive history.
We confirm that the glitter can discharge on the first wash, especially sequins attached to other sequins, less those attached to the fabric. This is normal.
This process fears rubbing. Therefore, no complaints will be accepted for any detachment of the sequins.
An incorrect use relieves Convertex srl from each liability.

Small differences in quality, color, size and weight are a consequence of the technical production process and are unavoidable. The tolerance limits are:
a. HEIGHT and LENGTH: ± 2%.
b. WEIGHT: ± 6% for fabrics over 4.40 oz / yd2 otherwise ± 10%.
c. DIMENSIONS: ± 6% when washing at 40 ° C (104 ° F), according to BS EN ISO 6330.
d. THE WITHDRAWAL of the tissues after cutting (aka RELAXATION) due to the release of the minimum tension necessary for the resumption of the rolls is to be considered physiological up to 3%.
e. TONE: ± 1 point on the gray scale.

Fabric care labeling

As follows, unless clearly stated otherwise:
  • Washing: machine wash at 40 ° C (104 ° F),
  • Bleaching: Do not use chlorine-based bleach
  • Drying: avoid spinning. Squeeze out any excess water or a gentle spin. Hang to dry
  • Ironing: maximum soleplate temperature of 110 ° C (230 ° F),
  • Dry cleaning: items suitable for dry cleaning in perchlorethylene. Improper use releases Convertex from any liability.

Fabrics data sheet​

Color fastness tables


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