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Bonding of fabrics

Create your own custom bonded fabrics for your collection.
With our Bonded-Fabrics program, you can create your bonded fabrics based on the color, thickness and base you prefer.

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1) Choose two fabrics to match from those proposed in our sample book

2) Choose the colors among those proposed in their folders, for example between
– 60 colors Ghibli opaque Lycra
– 60 colors of Atlantic glossy Lycra
– 20 colors of smooth / creased velvet

3) Choose the thickness and softness of the moltoprene (polyurethane) intermediate membrane

The most used fabrics

Shiny Lycra
Matt Lycra
Creased velvet
Smooth velvet

Intermediate Membrane

1 mm
3 mm
5 mm
8 mm

Rigidity – Soft – Hard


Bonded fabrics with water repellent finish suitable for a variety of applications

Double of various weights subjected to water repellence treatment.
It is obtained by coupling two warp-knit stretch fabrics (composition 80% polyamide 20% elastane) with an intermediate moltoprene of 1, 3, 5, 8 mm

Bonded fabrics program

Find out more about our service. Contact our design team to get your custom bonded fabric

Custom Fabrics

Find useful ideas for creating your collections. Choose from the following options

Laminable designs

1) Design
2) Color of the metallic foil
3) Base color, Atlantic or Ghibli (see color chart)

Minimum order quantity 75 yd | The price depends on the design / color of the foil

Flock On Demand

1) Design
2) Flock colors: white, ecru, camel, brown, grey, red, burgundy, blue, black
3) Base fabric: Morfeo (see color chart)

Minimum order 55 yd | Price 23 $/yd

Geometric prints on demand

1) model and its size
2) Atlantic or Ghibli colors (see  color chart)

Minimum order 35 yd | Price $/yd


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